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Gail Clarke


Stopping Smoking

After smoking 15 cigarettes for over 20 years I never thought I would give them up.  It was amazing and I just could not believe it.  Just one session with Gaynor at Butterfly Effect Transformation changed my life forever.  Today I am a none smoker and have been for over a year.  It was so easy with Butterfly Effect Transformation.

Judith Marshall King


Relaxation, Sleep, 

  • “I have visited Butterfly Effect Transformation for sleep issues and relaxation and always have an amazing nights sleep.  Other sessions have involved working on personal issues. mIn one session I was able to experience a  'timeline event taking me back to when I was four years old experiencing happy memories.  The memory was so vivid and gave me a sense of peace in my current life.”



Depression and Anxiety

After experiencing an array of family tragedy and personal illness. The stress really began impacting on my mental health causing me stress and anxiety. This also caused me to experience sleep issues.   One session at Butterfly Effect Transformation resulted in the first decent night sleep I had experienced in years.  I now feel strong and am taking my life in a positive direction.

Sheree Horn

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